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Generative art, architecture and design with L-Systems and Cellular Automata


GDesign is a 2D/3D free generative art application for Windows. With GDesign you can interactively build, test, and edit complex models using DOL, Stochastic and Parametric L-Systems, mixed up with some Cellular Automata tecniques and other tricks that
I have been studying for my artworks and for my students. So this page is a lab to experiment and explore generative digital tools.
GDesign is in permanent development, I'm studying new features all the time... See the manual page for more details.
GDesign software, tutorials, manuals and images are free for educators, fellow artists and students.
Use it under GNU Licence terms.

Version 2.4 released. Intelligent subsystems, automathic functions, new symbols.
New symbols and functions for fully programmable L-Systems. Export to STL and RhinoScript.
Manual de diseƱo generativo has been recently published by the University of Lima, Perú. Get the files here.
Hybrid L-Systems. Utility to hybridate L-Systems.Go to hybrids' gallery.
Bugs fixed. New images and new galleries. (1-7-2015). GDesign manual! (30-4-2008).
Visit the new generative trees page (19-7-2007) Go to trees' gallery.
New page dedicated to generative art pedagogy and LSystems Tutorials.


Create, edit, build and preview huge 2D and 3D objects with extended LSystems and Artificial Life tools.
Build organic forms, architecture models, generative 3D image processing filters.
Good for architecture, design, art and art education.
Export your designs to TGA or BMP bitmaps (2D) or to POVRay, Rhino and 3DMax scripts (3D).
Write, load, save and edit axioms and any kind of rule quickly and easily in the interactive grammar window.
Use special symbols, macro, functions and Subsystems to edit and control very complex objects.
Link interactively 3D objects to your symbols, and use POVRay and 3DMax prebuilt scripts.
Change or set parameters and parts of the system in real time.
Use automatic behaviors and bitmaps to apply special effects to your systems.

Special features

Interactive tools to write and edit axioms and rules
Timed rules, up to 7 generations
Stochastic and context-sensitive rules, with tools to edit and test
Improved generative languages and rules: macro, automathic effects and user functions
Special symbols like random generators, inhibitors, and utility symbols.
Interactive generation of parametric LSystems models
Full 3D turtle movements and Euler angles rotations
Special branching system with selective stacks
Up to 5 nested LSystems (subsystems), each with its independent parameters.
Use of bitmaps to control objects' behaviors and position.
Perspective and parallel display, to preview your system
Intelligent objects (self adapting subsystems and align tools)
Visual and user friendly interface. User manual and help.

Export to RapidPrototyping .STL file format
Painting and image processing systems
Soon, or quite soon, or just ideas:
Interactive and dynamic rules (using keyboard, mouse or sensors)
Intersection and overlapping controls, attractors and other constraints
Messages and communication between systems or parts of the system

Technical specifications

Author: Umberto Roncoroni, 2007/2009/2015
Windows compatible
Needs less than 5 MB of free disk space
1024x768 resolution
Reads and writes TGA bitmap file format
Compatibility with POVRay, Rhino and 3DSMax scripting languages